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Join the Spencer House tour and witness it's unique and ornate decoration

State Rooms

“For the first time in its history, the house is now regularly open to the public. Countless visitors from all parts of the world have thus been able to share […]

Spencer House in the snow, a perfect location for a exclusive London wedding or corporate event

Past Guests

During the time of the 5th Earl Spencer it was noted that: “Not only the aristocracy but also the Royal family were often received at Spencer House. The Prince of […]


‘From hence you enter the dining room; the decorations in the finest taste, and the richest of their kind; the ceiling and cornice of white and green, beautiful. The slabs […]

Spencer House restoration of the Palm Room


The project was arguably the most successful of its kind ever undertaken, no less impressive in its way than the house’s original construction. But this was restoration in more than […]

Tour of London's Spencer House includes Staircase Hall

Staircase Hall

Arthur Young wrote in 1769: “…the stair-case is in a very just taste, wide and lofty, the ceiling ornaments green and white.”

Join the Spencer House tour and witness it's unique and ornate decoration

State Palm Room

As Lord Chamberlain and later Lord Steward to Queen Victoria, the 4th Earl Spencer hosted entertainments for virtually the whole of court society, one reception described as “brilliantly and numerously […]

Room hire for corporate events include the Music Room at Spencer House, London

The Music Room

During the 19th century “There were times in fact when Spencer House was opened to the public at large, providing the setting for a series of charity concerts and exhibitions […]

Visit the Morning Room on a tour of London's Spencer House

Morning Room

In the 19th century, Spencer House hosted many large receptions for guests and the House was also opened to the general public for performances of music and for exhibitions there […]

The Library tour at Spencer House London


Early printed books collected by the second Earl Spencer were ‘generally regarded as the greatest in private hands in England or abroad. On a visit in 1828 the artist Benjamin […]

Visit Lady Spencer's room while on the London house tour of Spencer House

Lady Spencers Room

Lady Spencer’s Room was described by Arthur Young in 1772 as: ‘fitted up with great taste; scarce anything can be more beautiful than the mosaic ceiling, the cornices and the […]